Purposeful Life 7

Take advantage of a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, increased peace of mind, effective coping skills for when life gets challenging and learn the Purposeful Life Formula developed by Barbara, your Purposeful Life Coach. If you have some goals that always seem just out of reach, feel overwhelmed by anxiety, or just feel stuck in life...this class could be just what you need. This class is perfect for someone that is ready for a new level of self-awareness and intuition. Barbara is excellent at identifying areas where you feel stuck and have previously not been able to break through. This class gives you the tools to transcend those areas that have been more challenging in your life. 

During the 3 month course you will have access to Barbara via our private Facebook page where you can ask any question and get her invaluable guidance and wisdom.  

Barbara's Purposeful Life Formula will help you:

  • Sharpen your intuition & increase self-awareness
  • Develop a meditation practice
  • Give you tools for managing stress
  • Help you discover your unique Purpose


At the final gathering, participants will create a vision board that is composed of images that will be collected throughout the 3 month course.  Barbara will give you her one of a kind vision board reading. This is purely intuitive and her readings are exclusive to this course and cannot be duplicated. She has her own formula, that she created for reading the boards and it is phenomenal and extremely accurate.

We begin on August 4th 2019



There are 5 gatherings at Sojourn. Each gathering is 4 hours long. You will receive the Purposeful Life Workbook which will include 6 important lessons that we call an Energetic Focus. Each focus will have assignments that you must complete in a specified time period. We will spend 2 weeks on each focus. In between the meetings, we will discuss, share and interact on our Private Purposeful Life Facebook page. If necessary, you can book a private reading with Barbara at a special discounted rate, but you are encouraged to post questions and inquiries to the Facebook page. Barbara will give energetic readings on the Facebook page and at our gatherings. All the details about your assignments and coursework will be given at the first meeting when you receive your workbook. 


When are the gatherings?

All gatherings will occur from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. at Sojourn. 

August 4th

September 8th

October 6th

November 9th

November 10th


Monetary Investment: $500

All students must register in advance by July 15th. 


Included in your tuition is a Purposeful Life Training Manual, unlimited access to Barbara on the group Facebook Page for the duration of the class, the 5 gatherings at Sojourn, 5 guided meditations that are uploaded to the Purposeful Life 7 Facebook page and your vision board reading during the last gathering.  


Barbara Dowd-Peters, Creator and Teacher of Purposeful Life

Barbara is the perfect example of a true healer and teacher. She has been a source of guidance, support, healing and wisdom in our community and beyond for over 25 years. Her style of teaching is through empowerment. She does not merely just give you the answers but instead, asks you the perfect questions to teach you to discover your guidance system for yourself. She has crystal clear clarity into how we can access our own intuition and recognize how our energy is moving through our body and what we need to do for optimum energy flow, peace, personal strength, integrity and ultimately PURPOSE. Make no mistake, she will provide you with golden nuggets of insight, that no one else can give you, but not at the expense of your personal power. She will never influence your personal choice or try and steer you in any one direction, but instead, teach you how to tune in and get really clear about what direction your divine guidance is steering you in.


After a near death experience that Barbara had, when she was in her 20's, she realized that she had the ability to read energy (thoughts & emotions) and tap into a realm of consciousness that was beyond the norm. With her heightened sense of intuition, keen discernment, compassionate heart and much resistance she embarked on a journey of discovering exactly how she was meant to use her gifts. Over time, she realized her passion was helping to empower others to find their own innate wisdom and intuition in order to live the life they were born to live. She is an expert at helping each of her students/clients to identify why they aren't able to manifest their desires, what is keeping them from elevating their own vibration, how they can heal old wounds and how they can step into the purposeful life that is destined for them.  


Lucianna Johnston, Co-Facilitator of Purposeful Life


"I met Barbara in 1997 when I was in a very dark and desperate place. Over the years, with Barbara's coaching and formula for Purposeful Living, I have cleared many obstacles and today feel so grateful and blessed to live the life I live. She has been the BEST teacher always knowing just how much information to give me and when so that I can build tools that I will have forever. Her course, Purposeful Life, is genius. When you do all the work involved in the course it will change your life and provide you with tools that you can use to navigate anything life 

brings your way. I am honored to be her co-pilot in this journey of self-discovery and liberation."  

Purposeful Life is a YACEP Course

20 Contact Hours!!


Sojourn is a registered yoga school and this course qualifies for 20 Contact Hours in the Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle section of training.