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Are you a self-employed service provider needing some navigation tools for the business side of things? This is for anyone in any service industry that is feeling stuck and needs a fresh perspective. Sometimes all we need is to be pointed in the right direction, have someone asking us the right questions or provide us with a couple missing puzzle pieces that helps things come into focus. I specialize in helping those in the health & wellness industry but my tips and tricks for boosting business will work for anyone. 

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Lucianna Johnston

Lucianna started out in a tiny 1 bedroom house offering massages out of her living room and teaching yoga a couple times a week at a local yoga studio. Certified as a massage therapist in 1997, she immediately had a vision for a health & wellness studio where she and others could offer their services. It took a long time, a lot of trial & error, missteps, victories and challenges but she has finally realized her vision through Sojourn in Hanford. 

She has experienced renting a 1 room office, sub-leasing at a larger massage studio, offering her services through recreation centers in both Hanford & Lemoore owning a smaller version of Sojourn - which was called Both Hands - in the building next to Salmons furniture (which is now known as Fatte Albert's Pizza) and even doing some mobile massage and yoga from time to time. 

From 2003 - 2013 she settled into a 1 room office upstairs in The Wealth Center Building where she had a full time Massage and Yoga business. In 2013 she expanded into the space downstairs at 314 North Irwin (now known as Studio ONE) and within 3 years expanded again into 316 & 318 North Irwin. Now, her yoga & wellness studio takes up 1/2 the block on the ground floor of the Wealth Center Building. What she can share with you in her business coaching sessions is everything from what went right and what went wrong along the way. There is so much opportunity for growth in every so-called failure and she has taken advantage of every single one. That being said, the foundation of her business is built on integrity, hard work, dedication and purpose which is a combo that cannot go wrong. 

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