About Us


Sojourn Yoga on the Corner of Irwin & Lacey in Downtown Hanford

Lucianna Johnston


Lucianna has been working in the health & wellness industry for over 20 years and established Sojourn in 2009. Lucianna is pretty much in charge of EVERYTHING Sojourn from teaching classes to providing additional services like business coaching and certification training to marketing to cleaning...you name it! Her approach to health & wellness is sustainable, joyful, intuitive and backed by years of experience. Her classes are tough, but also fun and inspiring and she encourages her students to work at a pace that is healthy and safe.

Cheri Azevedo


When you walk through the door, the odds are you are going to see this beautiful face. Cheri helps Lucianna manage the every day administrative and housekeeping which is why we call her our administrative yogini. Her attention to all living creatures of Sojourn from plants to students is always exemplary and we are so lucky to have her. 

Jessica Smith


Jessica brings her own unique style, sweet soul and yoga goodness to every class she teaches! Jess has traveled all over the world and her teaching style reflects that. We love having her amazing vibes in the mix at Sojourn!

Lori Valentine


Lori teaches with strength, compassion and a gentle soul. Each class is thoughtfully created and delivered as a gift to her students. 

Lisa Diaz


Lisa has a kind heart with a warrior spirit and her classes reflect that. She delivers a fun flow with creative sequencing and the perfect balance of strength and ease.