We BELIEVE in Keepin it Real!

We are REAL people, with normal (crazy) lives and we love being the best that we can be. At Sojourn, you can expect to feel welcome, have fun, get stronger, become more flexible and just feel GOOD! We love traditional yoga practices but we also love to break the rules, be creative and keep it real! We believe in authenticity and that comes in many different shapes, colors, sizes and packages. You can expect a non-competitive atmosphere where your teachers are zoned in on teaching you yoga in a way that fits your unique body and honors who you are inside and out!

We BELIEVE in Longevity

Our intention is to teach body movement that is sustainable and offers each practitioner longevity. Yoga meets you where you are and provides a system that allows you to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance that is sustainable. No more "pushing through a workout"'s time to become masterful about how you move your body through space. Time to discover the self-healing potential of your body and what it is like to have an effective method for managing your stress. Do you want to increase the quality of your life? Would you like to feel the steady calm of a quiet mind? Would you like to feel strong and able to maneuver through space with ease and comfort? can! We will teach you how through YOGA.

Our offerings

We offer daily yoga classes, private yoga sessions, therapeutic massage sessions, Reiki Sessions, Yoga Teacher Certification Program, Reiki Certification Program and our 6 Month Mentorship with Barbara Dowd-Peters, Purposeful Life. We also offer various yoga workshops throughout the year. View our workshops page for more details.


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For the most part, we are open by appointment only. If you do want to stop by and talk to someone in person, we have a receptionist available on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

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